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    สล็อต xo วอ เลท เครดิตฟรี

    “Today I apologize to the members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community for the ways that we have not lived up to our commitments and to the ways we have treated you in the past and even now,” Bishop Susan Johnson shared with delegates to the 2022 ELCIC National Convention.

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    National Convention 2022: July 15-16

    In just a few days, Lutherans from across the ELCIC will gather virtually for Convention 2022. Click on the button below for information on convention, including how to follow along via the live stream.

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    Sermon Resources

    For the third summer in a row, ELCIC Bishops and Assistants to the Bishops have come together to provide a series of sermons available for congregations for use from June to September, 2022. Sign up for these resources today!

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    Sub-Saharan Hunger Crisis Appeal

    The ELCIC through its partnership with CLWR lls on its members?to consider donating to those suffering in the hunger crisis in sub-Saharan Afri.

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    Evolving Ministry in IELU Sees New Classrooms Nearing Completion

    ELCIC partner church, Evangeli Luterana Unida (IELU) is in the final stages of a major renovation to one of its schools in Beunos Aires. Learn more about this exciting endeavour here.

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    2022 ELCIC Praise Appeal

    Congregations across nada are invited to designate one Sunday to highlight the 2022 ELCIC Praise Appeal and the wider work and ministry of the National Church.

    The ELCIC Praise Appeal helps support important National Office ministries while building and maintaining relationships with ELCIC partner churches. 

    Ecumenil & International Life

    The Ecumenil Shared Ministry Handbook shares best-practices and collective wisdom on how lol communities and congregations might worship, serve and witness together. 

    A revised edition has just been released.

    Faith & Worship

    Worship. – the worship website of the ELCIC – offers various resources for those leading, assisting and attending services.

    The webpage also contains content for annual and seasonal celebrations throughout the church year, and more!

    Get Involved!

    Follow us on social media accounts – Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, donate now, attend an upcoming event, or find a congregation! If you’re not sure where to start, email us, and we’ll help you discover a way to help the ELCIC!

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